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  • NECESSARY SECURITY - A Defenders Mask should stay put to give you optimum protection. These pads are designed to give you the perfect fit to your face. This minimizes movement and sliding so you can rely on your face guard for safety and performance.
  • EXCELLLENT COMFORT - Don't get distracted by uncomfortable or ill fitting face masks. The RIP-IT Defenders Face Guard Pads give you the security of a face mask and the luxury of soft, secure padding. You won't even remember it's there while playing.
  • RIP-IT DEFENDERS FACE GUARD - These pads are specifically designed as replacements for the RIP-IT Defenders Face Guard. They fit any size of the RIP-IT face guard and provide a like-new fit that is secure and comfortable for playing.
  • RIP-IT DEFENSE QUALITY - At RIP-IT, we understand that team sports are an integral part of confidence building and help provide girls with the skills they need to be successful. We make quality products that honor this commitment.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - Package includes (1) RIP-IT Defense Paddding Replacement Set. 

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